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Get Discreet, Dependable Disposal & FREE Store Promotion

Grease For Good Up-cycles your oil & food waste into more customer traffic!

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Automated, All-In-One Products & Services

Discover productivity boosters for your front and back-of-house.

Stop oil theft, spills & foul odors with sealed, secure containers & auto-scheduled pickups.

Learn about worry-free grease trap service & above-ground alternatives that capture oil at the source as you work.

Discover how Grease For Good turns recycling service into a FREE, self-sustained promo campaign.

Together, we'll fuel learning in an under-supplied schoolroom near you. See how you can help.

Donate Your Grease To Fill Seats!


Grease For Good offers eco-friendly organic recycling where the profits from recycling your oil are shared with schools in your community—in your store’s name.

The more oil customers generate, the more cash Grease For Good can donate to your local classrooms!

Grease For Good gives your current and potential customers an easy way to fund local school athletics, extracurriculars and more just by dining with you!


Success Stories

Out With Old Oil, In With New Customers!

  • FREE marketing support & self-sustained promo campaign for your store

  • SURGING foot-traffic from students, parents and teachers

  • Money for underfunded classrooms near you

  • AMAZING PR for your store

  • Clean-burning biofuel

Drive waves of new traffic to your store by doing GOOD!



What's the better deal?

A few hundred dollars for oil... OR

  Serveral hundred MORE guests a year?

  • Get involved and boost ratings on Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, UrbanSpoon and many more.

  • Grease For Good incentivizes community members to patronize and spread the word about your store!

  • Energize your loyalty programs, community outreach and special events!

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