Grease for Good

Reliable, Eco-Friendly & FREE Grease Disposal

We upcycle grease into GOOD for communities & new customers for you.

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Automated & All-In-One Disposal Solutions

Stop grease theft, spills & stench with odor sealed containers & auto-scheduled pickups.

Get low-maintenance above-ground traps that divert F.O.G. as you work.

See how Grease For Good turns oil service into FREE, self-sustained promos for your store.

See how your recycled grease helps teachers buy supplies & activities for local children!

Explore a Fresh No-Cost Way to Entice Customers

Make your business famous for turning grease into local goodwill.

Pull Crowds Without Costly Ads 

Using GFG as a Magnetizing Customer Incentive


Now you can become the favorite hangout for families, sports teams, clubs and PTA groups when you donate your unwanted cooking oil to Grease For Good. 

Every time we profit from your recycled  oil,  part of that profit goes to benefit a local education fundraiser in your store's name.

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Your signup supports premium educations for local kids!


At no cost to you, you help local kids get school supplies and activities simply by donating grease to GFG.

We connect you to parents and teachers fundraising for classrooms via

As they dine with you and create waste oil they earn cash  directly from Grease For Good!


See Your Impact

We Drive Traffic to You

And make sure your community sees the good you do.

Grease For Good  offers extra donation rewards to parents, teachers and students of classrooms that bring traffic to you. That traffic helps us recycle more oil to do good!

Who's more credible than real customers to broadcasting your support of thier school?

FREE Pickups When You Donate Grease for Good

  • Ride on our social media and promos to boost turnouts
  • Get transparent & honest oil pickup reports
  •  Energize loyalty programs and specials!

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